Project Management

Having the proper estimating and project management tools are critical to the successful implementation, execution and completion of a project, regardless of its size or duration. Beard Construction Group uses numerous reliable software programs in the estimating and construction planning phase of the project. BCG can provide its customers with a more accurate, detailed estimate prior to construction complimented by a comprehensive construction plan to assist all members of the project management team in the planning and construction phase of the project.

Contractor estimating the cost of a construction project with a calculator. White hardhat and ruler over the architectural blueprint.


One of the key tools Beard Construction Group uses is an extremely flexible estimating earthwork software program which gives BCG the ability to prepare a detailed cost estimate and a more accurate, comprehensive bid proposal. BCG also utilizes a 3 dimensional technical software program to create digitized takeoffs from construction drawings which calculates earthwork and other material quantities/volume more accurately. CAD files can be quickly converted into takeoffs and accurate 3 D models. Our programs will integrate with the web and other software programs including Word and Excel and can download into certain accounting software.


project_management1BCG uses Primavera, the industry leader, as its primary software tool to schedule each discipline item and monitor the progress on the overall project. Primavera allows BCG to effectively manage a single project or multiple on-going projects. Its features assist estimators and project managers in developing project layouts, identifying the numerous construction and relationships, calculating and adjusting the schedule, setting up work items, activity codes, project codes and any custom data needed to build the project. In addition, the program allows the project management team to evaluate progress against the initial plan, plan and track resources, costs and leveling resources. Primavera is designed to provide detailed reports and graphics that communicate specific or summarized project information to the entire project team.

Accounting & Job Cost Management

Beard Construction Group has upgraded its financial management and job cost accounting system to better address the ever changing demands of the construction industry. This Windows based construction software is specifically designed for contractors who need accuracy, simplicity, flexibility and more timely information. Through full integration of all accounting modules including estimating, purchase orders, subcontracts, job costing, accounts payable, equipment maintenance and tracking, project billing and accounts receivable, and a project management module, Beard Construction Group is able to track a project’s progress on a daily basis. Also, it allows BCG to prepare more accurate estimates and timely job cost reports for our customers. The program integrates job costs and unit measures with other departmental functions providing detailed information on the overall performance of the projects and the overall company. Utilization of this new software allows Beard Construction Group to manage its overall operations efficiently and effectively, resulting in increased value to our customers.

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