In order for an organization to achieve excellence, each individual within the organization must constantly pursue the goal of excellence. Evidence of this is shown through people’s attitudes, work performance, and their interaction with other people. At Beard Construction Group, we strive to excel in every aspect of our business. We believe through continuous improvement, teamwork, strong leadership, and the desire to excel, we can meet the goals we set for ourselves and uphold the commitment of excellence we make to our customers.

Our mission-

  • To provide our customers with superior quality on each and every project through operational efficiency, a highly productive work force, strong leadership and supervision.
  • To perform our work safely yet productively, meeting the customers schedule and other project goals
  • To communicate with our customers, understand their needs, and exceed their expectations.

BCG will be glad to provide its customers with a site specific Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plan to ensure that the owner and project requirements be met throughout the construction phase of the project.

For further information regarding BCG’s Quality Program, capabilities and work history, we would be happy to provide an extensive list of references upon request.

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