Burnside Marine Terminal

Impala Warehousing (US) LLC/Trafigura AG
Darrow, Louisiana

Beard Construction Group, LLC was awarded multiple contracts associated with Impala’s A-G Coal & Bulk Materials Terminal Restart/Expansion in Darrow, Louisiana. Beard’s scope of work includes demolition of an existing storage facility and construction of a 20-Acre new coal storage pad and 5-Acre dust suppression pond for coal run-off, conveyor foundations, electrical houses, high mast light pole foundations and dozer traps. Trafigura/Impala plans to invest around $100 Million to reopen the currently idled Burnside facility as a state-of-the-art major bulk terminal for coal, bauxite and alumina. It will be only the fourth facility—and the only one with the possibility of both rail-to-vessel and barge-to-vessel capabilities—on the Mississippi and is set to become one of the top ten coal and bulk logistics facilities in the USA. Once complete, the company is targeting a throughput of around 10 million metric tonnes annually, using bulk cargo ships of up to 120,000 deadweight tonnes.

Scope of Work

    • 65,000 CY of Excavation
    • 40,000 CY of Embankment
    • 140,000 Tons of Sand Import
    • 40,000 CY of Clay Import
    • 45,000 LF of Wick Drain
    • 1,500 LF of Storm Drain
    • 30 EA Catch Basins
    • 3,000 Tons of Soil Cement
    • 280,000 SY of Fabric
    • 30,000 CY of Clay Liner
    • 10,000 Tons of Stone
    • 215,000 SF of GCL Liner
    • Intake Structures
    • 1,280 LF of 12″ – 30″ Rail Bore
    • 237 EA 24″ – 35″ Pipe Pile Cut-Offs
    • 111 EA H-Pile Cut-Offs
    • 257 CY of Concrete Fill 24″ – 36″ Pipe Pile
    • 3,678 CY of Concrete Foundations
    • 407 Tons of Rebar
    • 531 Pipe Piles
    • 57 Tons of Structural Steel
    • 70 Tons of Steel Dozer Traps
    • 15,036 SF Steel Plate Dozer Traps
    • 15,710 LF of 12″x12″ Treated Timbers Dozer Traps
Beard Contract Value: $ 29 Million
Project Start Date: April 2012
Completion Date: April 2014


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