Liquid Gas Transfer Facility

Murphy Energy Corporation
Jackson, Louisiana

Beard was awarded multiple contracts associated with the construction of a new liquid gas transfer facility for Murphy Energy.  The facility will be used to unload petroleum products from 18-wheel tank trucks, store them and pump them through a 6-inch pipeline under the highway to the Colonial Pipeline facility located across the highway.  Beard’s scope of work included site preparation, concrete paving, infrastructure and asphalt turning lane for the 30-acre liquid gas transfer facility.

Site, Concrete & Infrastructure Scope:

    • 16-Acres of Clearing & Grubbing
    • 2,749 CY of Stripping
    • 37,427 CY of Excavation
    • 43,107 CY of Embankment
    • 9,422 CY of Structural Fill
    • Erosion Control
    • 3,439 LF of 4″ – 36″ Storm Drain Pipe
    • 18,750 Tons of Limestone Paving
    • 2,101 Tons of Asphalt Paving
    • 2,690 CY of Concrete Foundations & Paving
    • 897 LF of Carbon Steel Pipe

Turning Lane Scope:

    • Demolition of Existing Asphalt Shoulder
    • Traffic Control
    • Subgrade Prep
    • 1,325 Tons of #610 Limestone Base Course
    • 700 Tons of Asphalt Paving
    • 1,500 LF of Pavement Striping
Beard Contract Value: $ 4 Million
Project Start Date: October 2013
Completion Date: May 2014



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