Beard management and its employees have worked in the construction industry throughout the Louisiana industrial corridor and the Gulf South over the last 25 years. We have participated in safety training programs provided by industrial facility owners and large engineering and construction firms within the private sector.

Each year, we have seen vast improvements and tremendous cultural changes within most organizations. This commitment to safety by both contractors and owners has resulted in not only a major reduction in accidents, but a reduction in costs as well.

Beard management and employees are committed daily to maintaining a safe workplace for each and every project. We have implemented an effective safety program for our company’s employees, subcontractors, and other business associates to follow. The program gives field supervisors an effective tool with specific guidelines to ensure that the work we execute is safely performed, maintaining a safe working environment at all times.

BCG’s Corporate Health and Safety Program addresses the safety issues that pertain to the type of work we perform and the hazards associated with our work environments. Components of the Corporate Health and Safety Program include an orientation for new hires, a Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy, a comprehensive Safety Plan, and a HazCom Plan. The Corporate Health and Safety Program is defined to effectively handle safety training, jobsite audits, jobsite inspections, documentation, recordkeeping, accident reporting, accident investigations, and alcohol and drug testing.

We will continue to protect the work environment of our employees, customers, vendors, and all others associated with the company. We will continue to strive for an accident free work place — never sacrificing safety under any circumstances.

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