Warning Signs – Weekly Safety Moment

We ALL have to pay attention to WARNING SIGNS when they occur.

Examples of warning signs that each of us has experienced:

  • Lunch tents, office settings, hallway and/or break room discussions about unsafe situations
  • Situations that just don’t “look right/feel right” as we walk through our job site
  • Strange noises/odors within the work area, an increase in active process unit alarms when the plant appears to be operating normally
  • Visual smoke from a distance
  • A possible steam/process leak that surfaces and makes noise in your work area while you are working
  • A disgruntled individual acting out of his/her normal demeanor
  • An individual that blurts out “do not worry about safety procedures I’ve done this task 1000 times and nothing went wrong”
  • If your H2S monitor alarm sounds
  • If there is a “do not operate” tag on a machine
  • All danger and caution tags
  • If a sign indicates “wet paint” guess what the paint is wet – DO NOT TOUCH!
  • High voltage
  • Warning lights
  • And last but not least “DANGER DO NOT ENTER”

Pay attention to the warning signs.  STOP, QUESTION and CONVINCE YOURSELF that all is well before proceeding on with your day.

Escalate unsafe conditions or behaviors when necessary

*** Being Safe Is No Accident ***

PDF version is available through the link below.

Safety Moment – Warning Signs