Civil Construction

praxair_1Beard offers an array of concrete services which include: concrete foundations, underground piping, concrete substructures, tank  foundations, concrete paving, asphalt paving, concrete retaining walls and other process equipment foundations. These services are performed throughout the Gulf Coast States (Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas and Tennessee) largely in the chemical, refining, gas processing, pulp and paper, agricultural and other manufacturing facilities.

Our work is performed on new grass root plant construction, plant expansions or repairs within an existing operating facility. Field supervision has from 15 – 38 years construction experience working in private industry with an excellent safety performance.

      • Concrete Foundations
      • Underground Piping
      • Containment Structures
      • Concrete Paving
      • Asphalt Paving
      • Tank Ring Foundations
      • Drainage Structures



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