Beard Construction Group performs environmental construction services throughout the Gulf South Region, including Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas and Tennessee. These services include leachate collection systems; landfill cell construction; landfill caps/closures; geotextile liner installation and site remediation. Beard has extensive experience constructing impoundments for residential waste, industrial waste, ash management, gypsum relocation and other types of waste. These landfill facilities have ranged from as small as one acre, to in excess of one-hundred acres. Beard project managers and field supervisors have constructed numerous landfill and impoundment cells for municipalities, private waste facilities and private industrial owners over the last twenty years. This includes solid and hazardous waste cells, wastewater and process water impoundments, brine storage ponds, gypsum stacks and other earthen waste storage facilities.

Beard employees have worked throughout the Gulf South Region and are familiar with the soil conditions and the unique geotechnical soil characteristics that are native to the south. The unique challenges found throughout Louisiana and surrounding states include a high water table, abundant marsh and wetland areas, and unsuitable soil characteristics that cannot be used for structural material. Beard’s capabilities and expertise are well suited for this type of terrain.

Impoundment construction and landfill closures are a large part of our environmental earthwork operations. We service both public and private waste facilities, including agricultural, pulp & paper, power generation and other solid waste industries. While Beard Construction Group subcontracts synthetic liner installations, we have vast experience in working with and supporting the top liner installation companies. Beard Construction Group has managed and supported the installation of millions of square feet of synthetic liner (HDPE), geocomposite, geotextiles, and GCL.

Beard is a licensed hazardous waste contractor in Louisiana. This service includes environmental remediation, which typically requires the removal and placement of hazardous soils.

      • Landfill Cell Construction
      • Landfill Cap/Closures
      • Leachate Collection System
      • Waste Grading
      • Synthetic Liner Installation
      • Site Remediation
      • Brine Ponds


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